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The very first hair curlers appeared in the 19th century and quickly found their target audience. In 1882, Marcel Gratot announced the device at his hairdresser in the center of Paris and, a year later, became a millionaire. Find more here: Tyme Iron Pro Reviews

But when the invention was published free of charge, hairdressers appeared to be a critical competitor. Therefore, they are not willing to talk about the features of the products. However, we could find responsive designers who decided to fairly share their tips. Given that numerous users don't understand how to pick a hair iron because of the variety of existing inventions, the recommendations of the professionals are extremely welcome.

Many buyers to this day feel that irons and curling irons are the exact same thing. Actually, the very first device features a broader scope of application and enables you to not merely curl, but in addition straighten your hair. At the same time frame, it is better to iron the curls in the roots, permitting them to curl in virtually any direction. Consider the key parameters and the thing you need to focus on in order to buy an efficient and top quality device.

Kinds of hair straighteners

Even though that Slavic women have straighter strands, hair straighteners are becoming more popular. Therefore, it's necessary to pay for due attention to safety and take into account the medical opinion of experts on the option of hair straighteners. Currently, for the manufacture of heating plates can be utilized in several materials:

Metal is the cheapest and most unforgiving option for healthy hair;

Ceramics may also be a budget solution, the disadvantage of which can be the adhesion of cosmetics to the plates. But you will find advantages - uniform heating, sliding, maintaining the mandatory temperature. If you choose to pick a ceramic hair straightening iron, regularly clean the top after use;

Titanium - utilized by professionals, whilst the material is fragile. Attracts heating to high temperatures;

    Teflon is the best choice for soft curls. Such plates are indifferent to the modeling tools, but they slide little. The coating isn't durable;

    Tourmaline - provides a smooth glide, using any methods to style hair. Such models are very costly, because when heated, negative ions appear that subscribe to the preservation of moisture and the health of the curls;

    Marble is practically safe for health, due to effective cooling after exposure to high temperatures;

    The jadeite plates shine and suggest interaction despite having damp curls;

    Silver - not merely does it harm, in addition it heals curls. The best solution for dry and brittle hair. Space price;

    Tungsten is the absolute most expensive iron, characterized by instant heating and uniform temperature distribution involving the plates. They permit you to perform a hairstyle without makeup which will work for several days.

Choice of ideal sizes

Along with the materials for classifying the technology, the size and model of the plates are used. The following kinds of hair straighteners are differentiated by size:

1. Narrow;

2. Wide.

The sizes of the very first variant can vary from 1.5 to 3 centimeters. Thus, the models are wider - designed for longer braids. Please observe that you need to choose an iron based on the sort of hair. For instance, for women with short haircuts, plates as much as 2 cm wide are believed the best option. If the hair is thick and heavy - raise the width to 3 cm. For the absolute most exuberant and long haircuts - from 7 to 8 cm.