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Hardcore gamers know all about the metagame — the optimal gameplay strategy that boosts a player’s or team’s odds of winning. It’s the game of games. Business works the same way. There’s always an optimal strategy, but the metagame — or meta, for short — changes over time.

Master the Meta is focused on the business of video games, a massive and perpetually underestimated industry. Our goal is to analyze recent events and help readers keep up with the changing meta of all things gaming.

Readers will gain strategic insights into the world of publishers, platforms, esports, hardware sellers, game engine providers, and more. Whether you’re an industry executive or a casual observer, all are welcome.

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Master the Meta was founded by Aaron Bush, an investor at The Motley Fool who loves video games and has invested in video game companies for over a decade. Master the Meta will not provide investing advice, but investors may find it constructive. Disclosure: Aaron may write about public companies he own, which you can find here.

Abhimanyu Kumar is also a Partner of Master the Meta. Manyu has worked on mobile games at Disney, Flaregames, and Zynga, currently runs his own mobile gaming consultancy, and has published multiple essays that thousands of industry insiders have learned from.

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